Why buying antiques is a good investment

The antiquities have been throughout the history object of investment by numerous people and collectors. Furniture, paintings or any other old or vintage object are a good refuge to invest our savings.

It is currently an upward trend, where more and more people decide to advise and trust a professional to guide them when investing part of their savings in antiques and period objects.

Unlike traditional investments in economic assets such as funds, stocks, pension plans or savings accounts, among others) is that antiques offer the pleasure of being able to enjoy and display them, becoming a passion.

When we invest in other types of assets, we receive nothing directly in return and we are subject to many short-term factors.

By investing in antiques we receive in exchange pieces that are characterized not only by their intrinsic value, but also by their historical value. There are many people interested in this type of objects, so their constant demand makes them a safe and lasting investment alternative.


How to invest in antiques?

Investing in antiques means having a deep knowledge that allows you to identify an antiquity and know how to value it based on different aspects.

Since many of the people who carry out the purchase and sale of antiques do so in a complementary way to their professional activity, it is important to have a professional or expert in the field to advise you correctly.

At Ángeles Viyuela Antiques we have been advising our clients for more than 30 years in the sale of antiques and collectibles. Our extensive experience allows us to offer you pieces of high historical and economic value.

Any antique furniture or object with an age greater than 50 years, including vintage antique furniture (70s, with great boom in these times), can make your investment profitable. It is only a matter of looking at your budget to invest, look for the type of antique furniture, object of decoration or any other antique that you like for the decoration of your home.

This is the best point to invest in antiques, despite the profitability it generates, it gives you immense satisfaction when you contemplate them. In addition, antiques increase their value as time passes.

What are the most profitable antiques?

There is no rule that determines what antiques are and which are not the most or least profitable. As a general rule, the older the investment, the more profitable.

Obviously this is because the older objects are, the harder it is to find it making it much more exclusive.

However, there are many other factors that influence when carrying out this type of assessment and we will see in the next point.

What should we consider when buying an antique?

There are four fundamental factors when assessing antiques.

  • THE historical context of it.
  • The material in which it is manufactured.
  • THE number of identical pieces you can find.
  • Know if the pieces were made by a renowned artist.Cualquier antigüedad especial, única y de categoría, SIEMPRE, tendrá valor, siempre.

Perhaps it can stagnate in periods of crisis like the current one, however in the long run they always rise, it is a matter of being patient.

What are the risks of investing in the purchase of antiques?

When buying antiques there are two risks that we must avoid at all costs.

The first is the lack of advice. Ignorance in the matter can result in you buying old objects above their real value.

The second is fakes. As with other items, such as luxury watches, fakes and replicas are the main risk when investing in antiques.

Today there are true professionals who are dedicated to the falsification and reproduction of objects of art and antiques and that if you do not have the necessary knowledge it will be very difficult for you to identify them. Some of them, given their high level of perfection, are almost «works of art of forgery»

For this reason we recommend that you go to trusted, experienced and accredited professionals in the purchase and sale of antiques.

Antiques Ángeles Viyuela belongs to the Center of Antiquarios Lagasca of Madrid. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

Do not get carried away by emotion and cravings. If you have the bad luck of being cheated, the value of your seniority will be much lower than what you have paid and your investment will not be very profitable.

Why trust Antiques Angeles Viyuela?

In Ángeles Viyuela Antiques you will find your place of trust to buy antiques. Enjoy our incredible collection at our establishment located in the Lagasca Antique Center, a reference center for the purchase of antiques in Madrid.

In addition, you will receive a personal and professional treatment that will help you at all times in the purchase and sale of antiques.

  • Warranty of the part you buy.
  • Prices without commissions.
  • Specialized advice
  • Online sale.
  • Fast shipping
  • Personalized attention
  • You can see the antiques in our exhibition.

Should we declare the investments and benefits of buying and selling antiques?

As with almost everything, the purchase of antiques is not exempt from paying taxes.

The benefits levied by the tax of documented legal acts, with a fee payable, depending on the autonomous community, which ranges between 0.5% and 1% of the value of the antique furniture, seniority or collection object.

Likewise, it must be declared in the estate tax (only for those who have an obligation to file said tax) and in the personal income tax at the time of the sale of seniority, to pay for the benefit obtained (difference between the sale price and the purchase value, plus expenses and taxes).

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